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Blends recommended for expectantant mamas & post partum support.


  • Every Woman: Great to drink daily while pregnant but also before pregnancy for womb health as this is a nourshing blend.
  • Womb Love: 3rd trimester tea for womb healing energetics of giving birth.
  • Herbal Sitz: choose with salts for natural child birth and womb cleansing after or without for a nice steam. 
  • Herbal Liquid Gold: To aide the energy of a nursing mother. 


**Please consult your primary care physician before incorporaating herbs into your pregnacy regimen. The goal is to delivery a healthy & well baby & the teas I have put together here are in support of your holistic care in mind. Be sure to consult a licensed physician in regards to establishing a healthy routine. The statements & claims made on this site are not evaluated by the FDA. I conduct my own independent reaserch and study and do so with integrity in heart & wellness in mind.  


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