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Welcome to wellness with Sista Nature T.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Thank you for the support over the years & for your patience as I transitioned from Taylor Made Holistic as a brand. The quality of products and same service is still here, just a bit more expansive in our operations and thoughts.
Please bare with me as we adapt to what I feel is a more progressive way of operating a small business and that's ensuring I am adaptive as a business owner and with the decisions I decide to make for my company & brand.

The "holistic" word in itself caused me to remain in a box as it would not allow me to share products that are labeled as health & wellness products (although companies like herb-uhlife exist).

That's the world we live in and conform to so I adapted a bit with the name.
The price changes not only helps with the increase of cost of almost everything these days, you are also getting a bit more tea than before as these containers hold a bit more than what I expected so I increased the servings sizes.
Bagged teas are back and not all teas will be available year round so grab your faves as they are available.
I truly thank you all for rocking with me on this entrepreneurship journey so far & I promise to keep up all the works to aide you in facilitating wellness & living a more sustainable life.

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